Police Investigate Alleged Sodomy of Children in Kalideres That Had Viral

schmoozemag.com – Police Investigate Alleged Sodomy of Children in Kalideres That Had Viral

Police are investigating previous videos of allegations of sexual harassment of boys and girls.

The accident was said to have occurred behind a private hospital in Kalidiris district, West Jakarta. Polda Metro Jaya Coombs, director of public relations for Paul Andra Zulpan, said that Polda Metro Jaya and Polska Calidress are looking into the matter.

It is said that the police gathered information from the citizens by being present at the crime scene. “We have seen the video and it is not explicit or negative, but we are looking for information about the authenticity of this video,” Zulpan said.

Zolban said his team is collecting evidence of the crime and asked the public to pray for the case to be resolved quickly. “We are working now. Let’s pray that this issue will be resolved soon,” explained @recordjakarta Instagram account caramisi.com. In the comment column, netizens also expressed their dismay over the heinous act of alleged sexual violence. The account @m_zauharmadynnah said, “Hope they get caught soon and hurt the kids.”

The account @raisa_shaa said: “So sad, God, I hope the citizens get caught soon.”

The @tsudiro17 account wrote: “@divisihumaspolri @mohmahfudmd @jokowi is suspending the law until new sex offenders are deported.”

“Put it down, sir, or the death penalty,” the @alfanamutaqi account said. First, a video suddenly surfaced showing the incident of a man who committed adultery on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at around 4:30 pm WIB. The location is believed to be located in a lake near a private hospital in the Kalidares area of ​​West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta.

The recorder, believed to be a relative of a private hospital patient, attempted to scream, but was not heard outside the hospital building. The screams could only be heard because they were away from where they were recording. The TKP swimming pool is used by villagers for fishing and many children are known to play in the water around it.

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