Viral : Aditya Tiwari, in 15 year old, was killed for resisting sexual harassers

Aditya Tiwari, de 15 años, fue asesinado por resistirse a acosadores -Viral  Aditya Tiwari, in 15 year old, was killed for resisting sexual harassers

Aditya Tiwari, 15, was stabbed to death after reporting on a group of boys harassing female students.
Aditya Tiwari, a teenager, was killed by a group of handsome young men in an incident that shocked Bihar. After the gang barged into his school and attacked him in front of terrified students and teachers, the 15-year-old from Chhapra district was stabbed multiple times.


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She was allegedly assaulted after she approached men who were harassing female students. The three persons were accused of making obscene remarks to girl students on the way to school, according to a complaint filed by Anita Devi’s mother.

Aditya saw the three men harassing one of his classmates the day before the attack. He approached the group and reprimanded them for their behavior.

Sahil, the main suspect, and Aditya later fight. Later, in front of his classmates, Sahil made a threat to kill the adolescent.

Sahil posted a Facebook Story two hours prior to the stabbing on September 21, 2022, giving away his intentions to commit a crime. Aditya left the class at 11 am after completing the exam.

The bullies Sahil, Taif and Arshad shot Aditya and four others who attacked the school. Before the seven criminals fled the scene, Sahil repeatedly stabbed Aditya in front of teachers and students.

The staff rushed Aditya to the hospital. However, he died on the way.

The villagers took to the streets as soon as the news of the murder came to call for the immediate arrest of the suspects. Angry villagers vandalized the school and threatened the teachers.

The hashtag #JusticeForAditya is trending on Twitter as Aditya’s family and friends take to social media to demand justice. Aditya’s bravery in defending his fellow students who were being bullied was praised by many Twitter users.

Others criticized the police for not doing anything. It is clear that Aditya’s elder brother served in the war. Aditya Tiwari also wanted to join the army. People are demanding that the case be transferred to the CBI because the police did nothing.

It is reported that school teachers are no longer on the front lines of brutal killings and lack of security.



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